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“I.T. is your business. An investment into your technology is the investment that will have the largest return.” –Thomas H. Douglas

In a presentation titled "Tomorrow Starts Today: Preparing Your Company and People to Thrive with Technology," JMARK President and CEO Thomas H. Douglas will speak about ongoing and upcoming trends in business information technology, highlighting how strategic planning and I.T. maturity are keys that will allow companies to let their employees make the most of their talents while they harness the power of technology to take the lead in their markets.

Why Attend
“Technology has the power to alter reality. It lets you make the impossible, possible.” –Daniel Burrus

In "Accelerating Growth: Leading with Strategic Foresight & Certainty," renowned futurist Daniel Burrus will address how businesses can drive growth, overcome obstacles, and realize new opportunities with the help of strategic foresight and action.

You’ll Leave the Business Innovation
Technology Summit Inspired, Ready To:

Apply tomorrow’s tech solutions today.
Empower your employees to work more efficiently and effectively.
Leverage technology to deliver real business value and support new business models.
Use data to drive faster, better, smarter business outcomes.
Amaze your clients with enhanced service that gets them what they want faster and easier.
Reduce costs and increase profits by doing familiar work in new ways.
Avail yourself of security breakthroughs and increased peace of mind.
Capitalize on the ways technology can augment all the work you do.
Technology permeates every aspect of the work we do. The Business Innovation Technology Summit will bring together business thought-leaders and I.T. innovators to show how a thoughtful, forward-looking approach to technology can make you more productive and profitable, more dominant and dynamic.

Eight Exciting Tracks to Choose From


Identify the latest threats to security and how to combat them.


Discover new ways in which technology can catapult you to greater success.


Learn how to stay on top of regulations, and how doing so brightens your bottom line.


Explore how technology can help you revitalize your approach and open up unexplored markets.


Master the technologies of efficiency; do more, achieve more, earn more.


Gain insight into how technology is changing specific industries, and see how to turn that to your advantage.


Enhance your grasp of bedrock principles; widen your knowledge of diverse theories and approaches.

Individual Q&A

Meet with a JMARK representative to get straight answers to questions pertinent to your organization’s individual needs.



after April 28, 2018
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